Noise wall designs complete

Metrolinx has released the final designs for the noise walls that will cut through Weston.

Almost all of northern Weston, from St Phillips to Coulter, will have concrete walls.  At Coulter, there will be a small art wall.


From King, where the tunnel emerges, to Lawrence, the east side will be mostly ‘film strip’. The west side of the tracks will be the uglier concrete, except at the John Street crossing, which will be transparent, and the Farmers’ Market, which will have art.

4Around parking lot

3asouthsidearoundjohn1Around south station st

Around the GO train parking lot south of Lawrence, Metrolinx will be building  art and film strip walls. These are the last nice walls for some distance.

Through south Weston and Mount Dennis, they will be building precast concrete walls—starting at Victoria and going all the way to Black Creek Drive, with only a brief glass reprieve at Eglinton.


Your humble correspondent cannot help but believe that GO gave the squeaky wheel grease. While Mount Dennis gets concrete, The Junction—which had been vociferously opposed to the walls—appears to get mostly glass and filmstrip.




Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

One thought on “Noise wall designs complete”

  1. Many thanks to our active-on-our-behalf politicians, such as Ms Albanese and Ms Nunziata, for their legacy of concrete walls for Weston.
    Oh, and the diesel fumes we will be breathing.
    Having spent hours of time and energy from the first protest meetings years ago about this breach through our neighbourhood, we get not only the construction that has made moving around a nightmare (on foot, bike or by car), but noisy trains, no increase to present GO service, no benefit to the community, and concrete walls.
    No payback, just the usual payoff.

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