Noise wall designs released

Metrolinx has released its proposed noise wall designs. The walls, which have been very controversial downtown, will run through large parts of Weston. Community members can give their input at a meeting on September 10.

The noise walls will be very large— 5m tall along much of their length—and they have to balance expense, attractiveness, noise reduction, and resilience to graffiti. The compromises are not always lovely.

Most of the walls in Weston will be concrete or concrete and plexiglass. Generally, the nicest designs are saved for intersections and railway crossings. Most people will have less attractive (but more effective) concrete walls behind their homes.

Apart from the crossing near St Phillips, from the intersection at Weston south until Church, the walls will be made of concrete and acrylic on the southwest side and solid concrete on the northeast.The walls will not enclose the northern CP tracks.

Concrete and glassConcrete

Between King and Lawrence, the walls are more complicated and generally more attractive. “Film strip” walls will be used between King and Lawrence.

filmstrip filmstrip2
The John Street crossing, though, (which will be a bridge) will have transparent walls.
    GlassThe area immediately around the Farmers’ Market will have ‘art walls’, on which community art can be hung.artpanel

While the pictures make the walls look attractive, your humble correspondent recommends caution: mentally take the trees out, scratch and fade the plexiglass, and try to picture the walls in the winter.


Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

2 thoughts on “Noise wall designs released”

  1. LOL….community meeting for what? To hear Metrolinx say this is what you get, you don’t like it too bad……Weston is lucky to even get noise walls.

  2. Those Metrolinx meetings are waste of time..I went to one of them and those bureaucrats just had their talking points from Bay St and that’s it. If we were getting a subway or LRT instead we wouldn’t even need these ugly walls.

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