Noise walls make noisy opponents

The proposed noise walls along the rail corridor are generating a lot of opposition further downtown. Some opponents, such as NDP MPP Rosario Marchese, say the noise walls wouldn’t even be necessary if the trains were electric, citing the example of other cities. Others say that ‘green walls’, which would include living plants, would do.

Residents and groups say that Metrolinx is not engaging in real consultation. InsideToronto got a astonishingly tone-deaf comment from one of the architects of the proposed walls:

“There’s no public opposition, we have been on this project for six months and the majority of people really love the designs,” said Kovacevic, a landscape architect, following the meeting.

“You only heard one view tonight.”

The walls Kovacevic has designed will be huge: 5 metres tall in most places. Except in highly trafficked areas, they will be, well, plain old ugly, too: big concrete slabs, as the video says, not unlike the Gaza or Berlin walls.

Awesome photo from the good people at InsideToronto.



Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

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  1. I agree this shouldn’t been above ground subway or LRT line instead of diesel commuter train. It makes me mad that Prov Libs now Harper giving millions into Scarborough subway and Vaughan subway. Transit planning is so screw up in Toronto and we’re paying for it big time.

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