Nominate your neighbour

It’s time for the second annual Griswold award for Christmas lighting.  To spare my children another miserable night of driving around in the cold and dark, I’m throwing this year’s nominations open.

Does the glow of your neighbour’s lights bring traffic to your block? Does it bring air traffic? Does the heat from your neighbour’s lights melt the snow on your roof?

If so, nominate them for the prize, a box of my old family movies and my mother-in-law’s Christmas cake from last year. (Rum not included; I wrung that out through cheesecloth).

Nominate someone (including yourself) in the comments below. Winners will be judged by some senseless criterion, probably how close they are to my house, and thus how likely I am to get there myself in the cold and dark.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

One thought on “Nominate your neighbour”

  1. cool – haven’t decided which neighbour to nominate yet but worth (dis)honourable mention: metrolinx crews down in the weston tunnel now shine several big bright construction lights straight into my kitchen and bedroom. lights are on 24 x 7 and after sunset, the tunnel AND rooms in my house are lit brighter than any holiday decor, even by Griswald standards. now i can’t entertain for the holidays because of the noise, and the lights are SO obnoxious that it’s freaking out the family. thanks metrolinx – your gross indecency never disappoints.

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