Not all heroes wear capes: you can help Lola too

On January 25, Linda Iannetta found a pretty little dog near the Crossroads Plaza. She posted on Facebook trying to find the owner. Nothing.

By Linda Iannetta

Iannetta asked at the Pet Valu. No luck there, either.

Lola, as Ianetta now calls the dog, was abandoned, likely because she had a bladder stone more than 4 cm across. The surgery to remove it went well—but cost $3000.

By Linda Iannetta

Linda Iannetta has started a GoFundMe to try to offset those costs. It’s been very successful, but she’s still almost $900 short of the $3000 she spent.

Go on. I dare you to say no to those big brown eyes. You can donate online.

By Linda Iannetta




Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.