Nunziata All Shook Up in Lions Park

Here in Weston we may not have had Will and Kate, but Frances Nunziata sang with ‘Elvis’ yesterday at the July 1st bash in Lion’s Park. How did she compare? Let’s say that she is a gifted politician and leave it at that!

Thank you, thank you very much.

This year for the first time, organizers put up decent fencing to contain the fireworks area thus allowing access to the park via the Humber footbridge. Many people made a day of the occasion, and several food outlets did a brisk trade. The fireworks were spectacular.

3 thoughts on “Nunziata All Shook Up in Lions Park”

  1. She’s definitely not shy!
    You’d never catch me trying to sing a duet with ‘Elvis’. Regardless of my attempt at humour, she’s not bad for an amateur.

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