Nunziata and the Board of Health

The Toronto Board of Health makes some important decisions regarding health matters in Toronto. A letter from Councillor Frances Nunziata questioning the efficacy of fluoridation was received by the Board in January. The councillor’s letter made some unsubstantiated suggestions that fluoridation of Toronto’s water may not only be ineffective but actually harmful. This is the same sort of unscientific nonsense that surfaces from time to time and is sometimes taken seriously with potentially devastating effects.

The anti-flouridation movement seems to have been spearheaded by some right-wing, tin-foil hatted groups. These people equated fluoridation with government interference and other socialist plots. Fluoride is a poison, according to them, and doesn’t belong in drinking water. They forget that fluoridation (like chlorination of water) has huge and proven benefits.

Incidentally, removing fluoride would most affect the poor and the young. Not a great idea for Weston. The City of Waterloo voted to remove fluoride from the water supply last year after an extensive fear-mongering campaign led to a narrow referendum vote against fluoridation. Dentists in that city now fear an epidemic of cavities and gum disease.

Thankfully, our Board of Health bases its decisions on scientific evidence and voted unanimously to recommend continued fluoridation of Toronto’s drinking water. We hope our councillor can think twice before giving credence to similar dangerous groups.

One thought on “Nunziata and the Board of Health”

  1. abstaining from fluoride use will probably have a greater consequence on one’s health. without adequate fluoride, your teeth would rot & you’d have extremely poor oral health which would put you at a very high risk for heart disease. you’d be essentially causing more harm than good.

    and of course fluoride is a poison. anything could be a poison if taken in wrong amounts. the very medications that keep people alive are poisons if taken at wrong doses. distilled pure water is poisonous & toxic if you drink too much of it. even taking vitamins can provide nourishment for cancer and encouraging its proliferation. too much vitamin C could give you kidney stones. carbon dioxide can kill you but without carbon dioxide, CPR wouldn’t work properly because CO2 helps restore lung function by triggering a bodily reaction. the rapid return of oxygen to oxygen starved tissues can cause permanent oxidation damage. not getting exposure to UV rays can be very harmful to your health, exposure to UV rays can be very harmful to your health. creosote can be bad for you but it is needed to treat certain skin disorders.

    obviously, many things can be both good and/or bad for you depending on how they are administered, even the most essential things to sustaining life. but there are things which have no benefit whatsoever to one’s health like lead for example.

    why are we worried about fluoride in the water when so many people still have lead service pipes to their homes? do all these people know they must flush the water which stood in those pipes overnight which lead leeched into due to exposure time?

    compared to the PPMs of fluoride we ingest every day, we ingest larger amounts of all kinds of nasty tings. besides, there are bigger fish to fry, just don’t overheat that teflon coated pan or burn those fish in a steel pan creating carcinogenic char.

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