Nunziata and Tory demand rail safety

Frances Nunziata and John Tory‚ along with 16 councillors, have written a letter to the federal Minister of Transportation, Lisa Raitt asking for improved rail safety in Toronto.

The Lac Megantic disaster—while the most terrible accident—was not an isolated one. Since that crash, there have been many other crashes involving dangerous tanker cars all around the continent; they are the result of an enormous increase in the number of shipments of oil from the extraction industry.

In the letter, Toronto councillors and the mayor ask for

  • Better safety standards
  • Better communication from rail companies (which have not shared information about the dangerous goods they are carrying with communities)
  • An accelerated retirement of dangerous DOT111 tanker cars
  • An examination of the reduced speeds and rerouting

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.