Nunziata asks to drop development charges in Mount Dennis

Frances Nunziata has asked the city to consider reducing development charges in Mount Dennis as a pilot project, to see whether doing so would encourage builders to develop in Priority Neighbourhoods. The issue will be studied by city staff.

Nunziata’s proposal comes amidst a debate about spiking development charges across the city. Rates could almost double later this year to cover “transit, affordable housing, and… major new development areas like Port Lands, along with increasing land and construction costs.” While the charges are high—about $41,000 for a detached house and $25,000 for a 2-bedroom apartment—they do not cover the city’s costs.

Nunziata’s idea, therefore, is a beggar-thy-neighbour deal: dropping charges in priority neighbourhoods like ours will force increases on other Torontonians.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

2 thoughts on “Nunziata asks to drop development charges in Mount Dennis”

  1. Why shouldn’t developers pay? It’s the developers who win, who build 30 storey buildings and stress road surfaces, safety and traffic flow.

    Why not encourage what priority neighbourhoods need: affordable housing, community facilities, walkable streets and accessible serviced. And better transit.

  2. Builders wont go to an area that they cant make money in…Clean up weston Rd, clean up the affordable housing stock that exists in Mount Dennis, kick out the slum landlords, and then see investment come….would you invest in mount dennis???

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