Nunziata asks for ban on texting and walking 

After a long and bloody year for pedestrians and cyclists, in which 20 people were hit in just 24 hours this month, City Council has come up with a solution: ban texting and walking. 

Frances Nunziata put a motion before Council yesterday that asks the province to fine people for using their phones while behind the toes.

“If you’re texting and driving and texting and walking across an intersection, it’s, in my opinion, the same” she told the Star.

Except, obviously, it’s not. When you crash your sneakers, nobody dies. 

Nunziata’s motion passed 26–15 with the support of the mayor. 

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

3 thoughts on “Nunziata asks for ban on texting and walking ”

  1. Pedestrians have a role to play in not causing accidents. We can look around and avoid accidents.
    If I don’t pay attention when I am walking a pedestrian , then vehicles need to swerve to avoid hitting me causing other motorists some scary moments too.
    Unfortunately you cannot regulate brains so a law won’t help as we have seen with texting and driving. Too many people driving on the 401 think they are able to multitask without impacting the rest of us. So scary and we have a law against it already.

    1. Agreed.
      If everyone took more responsibility for their actions (drivers, cyclists and pedestrians alike) and minimized the finger pointing of who is more to blame for the senseless stupidity of the numerous crashes in general, we’d all be better off. Wake it up, folks. Pay attention!

  2. It is hard enough to avoid pedestrians without them suddenly stepping off the curb without looking.

    I had a close call at Rockcliffe and Alliance, a NORTH facing pedestrian walked WEST while looking at his phone. A second later and he would have been a grill ornament.

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