Nunziata asks province to fiddle sale of HR Hospital

Frances Nunziata has asked, at the last minute, for City Council to ask the province to control the sale of the Church Street campus of the HRRH. Her motion asks that it be turned into a Long Term Care Facility and a Child Care Centre.

The motion makes a convincing case: there is a shortage of senior care, and “With baby boomers aging and life expectancy increasing, we will see an increase in the demand for long-term care facilities.”

Nunziata’s motion says selling to a “private developer would be short-sighted. This site would be ideal for a Long Term Care Facility, something which the community has repeatedly indicated their support for. A Child Care Centre would also be ideal for this site”.

The city and the hospital are litigating (or settling) the matter now. The terms of the settlement are to be presented at this meeting of council.


The motion has been adopted. It’s not binding on the province, however.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

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