Nunziata: Bring TCHC HQ to Weston

Gene Jones, the new chief of Toronto Community Housing Corporation has announced that the organization’s headquarters in the Toronto suburb of Rosedale will be sold. Jones says that by being in such a posh location the wrong message is being given to citizens and TCHC tenants (or should that be customers in the new corporate speak?). As prompted recently by WestonWeb, TCHC Board member Councillor Nunziata is suggesting that TCHC move its head office to the Weston area and has named some suitable locations.

Good for you councillor and you’re welcome.

2 thoughts on “Nunziata: Bring TCHC HQ to Weston”

  1. This is an example of response to the community and to reality. Let’s have this from our provincial representative too. Surely she can get her staff to read too.

  2. I thought we were trying to revitalize the town of weston? We have crime, numberous Bars, a run down housing stalk and many many other social problems. Please tell me why we would be thinking off moving TCHC headquarters here? to further ruin the reputation of the area. The residence of weston don’t need or want it relocated here.

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