Nunziata contains multitudes

Our fair councillor is a bundle of contradictions: she drives a Prius but was a close ally of Rob Ford, he of the war on the car (and the Cadillac SUV). She thought that bikes didn’t jive with Jarvis, but she backs them on Bloor.

Frances Nunziata voted today in favour of building physically separated bike lanes along a 2.6 km stretch of Bloor Street. The lane might even, in what I believe would be a first for Toronto, use parked cars for separation, the coolest thing ever.

Parked cars as separation (Seattle)

Council also considered the legal status of Uber. Nunziata voted in favour of the app consistently thoroughout the long session, although she received large donations from the taxi industry. Uber will end up lightly regulated, and regulations on cabbies will be reduced. 

A shameless plug: Here is a $25 coupon for you to try Über. I quite like it. 

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.