Nunziata defends November 18th Ford vote.

On November 15, and November 18th Toronto City Council voted to limit Mayor Rob Ford’s power.

On the 15th, council voted to take away his power to appoint members of the Executive Committee (similar to cabinet positions). That power was given to Deputy Mayor, Norm Kelly. Councillor Nunziata supported this move.

On the 18th council voted to cut the Mayor’s budget, remove his power to set the legislative agenda and remove his ability to fill vacancies of the civic appointments committee. Councillor Nunziata did not support this move.

In a statement, Councillor Nunziata defends her vote to support the mayor on the 18th. She likens the decision to one she made in the glory days of 1990, when she blew the whistle on corruption in the City of York.  Her main argument is as follows

I believe that removing the powers of a Mayor who was duly elected, whether we like him or not, is undemocratic.

Unfortunately, this ‘respect for democracy’ is inconsistent with her vote on the 15th November to remove Ford’s power to appoint Executive Committee members.

While Councillor Nunziata seems to be sucking and blowing at the same time, at least she voted; unlike the endlessly amusing Giorgio Mammoliti who abstained on both days.

Let’s hope the councillor in her role as Speaker can do a better job of reining in the Ford boys and their antics in the next few months.

4 thoughts on “Nunziata defends November 18th Ford vote.”

  1. I could hardly read Nunziata’s newsletter announcement for amazement at her own antics: dancing on the spot, I did/didn’t/couldn’t/wouldn’t/haven’t — when she all she has to say was that she was in a drunken stupor when she did whatever it is she did/didn’t/couldn’t have done. Some people just don’t understand politics.

  2. Nunziata doing whats best for her own interest as oppose to what the majority want…..typical. Keep voting Nunziata Weston……

  3. Rob Ford and his bully brother Doug have shown so little respect for democracy and the people of this city that I find it rich that Francis would hang her argument on such weak footing. I don’t think anyone who voted for Rob Ford bargained for the one we ended up getting. Francis you as our elected official have been granted the authority to do the right thing for the people of this city. You got half of it right. I hope you know which is which.

  4. I read in one of the newspapers that Ford’s support is highest in York, higher than even Etobicoke. Ford is relaying on the uneducated, poor, immigrant.. People that was shown on his CNN interview in Rexdale. People who live on the apartments on Weston Rd..They won’t listen or understand details of the budget just hanging on whatever Ford says..He’s says so many lies..”champion of the little guy” and many people believe him! Frances is just hanging on his coat tails..hoping it will get re -elected to her and Ford’s cushy jobs. Hopefully some candidate can come up and convince this demographic of voters that Ford & Frances show is complete sham.

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