Nunziata defends Rob Ford

Frances Nunziata, our city councillor, has long been a close friend and supporter of Mayor Ford. That continued today, when she said that the press is “harassing” the mayor over the allegations that he smoked crack cocaine.

Nunziata went on to defend the mayor, saying that the story is not true. “”They’re allegations. They’re stories the media makes up,” she said.


Frances Nunziata also voted against the Toronto casino today. She had long been a supporter, but  even conservative councillors voted it down when the city was denied a $100 million hosting fee. Nunziata did not support the actual vote, however; Ford wanted the vote to simply not happen and to drop the issue, but left-leaning councillors forced the vote to express their disapproval and nail the coffin shut. Nunziata was not among the councillors who forced the vote.


Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

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