Nunziata dresses down Chief

Lefty pinko cyclists (like me) worried that Rob Ford’s promise to hire 100 more cops showed that he was unwilling to rein in the big budget of the Toronto Police. (It’s nearly a billion dollars.)

But this lefty pinko cyclist, at least, is not above admitting that he was wrong.

The new board, on which our councillor, Frances Nunziata sits, wasted no time before turning up the heat on Chief Bill Blair. On the same day that she was sworn in, Nunziata took the Chief to task for not making the 5% cuts he had been asked to. The board was not pleased, and The Star says,

Councillor Frances Nunziata put forward a motion asking the chief to provide a report with a line-by-line breakdown of the increase, as well as information on contracting-out cleaning at the police stations.

Blair said the previous board had advised against that, to which Nunziata responded: “Well, we have a new board and a new council.”

Rob Ford has, as many media have reported, already backed away from the promise to hire 100 new police officers. Given the crime in Weston, this was one of the few pledges your humble LPC could praise at the time.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.