Nunziata gets A+ from Sue-Ann Levy

I’m of the opinion that the only worthy praise is from the praiseworthy—and Sue-Ann Levy is anything but that. Still, Levy gave our councillor, Frances Nunziata, an A+ grade in the Toronto Sun.

Small but mighty. Frances has outdone herself as speaker of an unruly council. Often forced to deal with childish temper tantrums and nasty heckling from the left and right, Frances is firm but cool as a cucumber. One of the few bright lights at City Hall.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

5 thoughts on “Nunziata gets A+ from Sue-Ann Levy”

  1. Nunziata behaviour as Chair is appauling. I have watched her in action and she clearly thinks she is 5 ft tall when she is Chairing a meeting. Sue Ann should focus on the Nunziata record and take a drive along Weston Rd and Jane Street and see the wonderful results of Nunziata power ……

  2. How much did this grade cost, in money, in failed opportunities to deal with real issues affecting the city, and in Toronto’s reputation as a city to live in.

    We have rotting infrastructure and the traffic congestion everywhere, youth with no opportunities, struggling families, underfunded libraries and public transit — and Nunziata gets an A+ for bullying behaviour and ignorance?

  3. I visited council meeting last spring..and the whole coucil meeting..people in the audience..reminded me of my Gr 7 rowdy like crazy. It’s time to cut the council members something more manageable..and maybe they think of who there working for and not for themselves.

  4. The grade is a joke, along with the publication and journalist it came from. A+ for being a bully, lack of vision on her part and squashing anyone with a vision in the ward, and being in power way too long.

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