Nunziata gets another promotion

Frances Nunziata was elected Speaker of City Council yesterday. She was nominated to the position by Rob Ford in a quid pro quo for her support during the mayoral race.

The Speaker position is an honour but confers few official powers. The Speaker presides over meetings of council, freeing the mayor to speak more freely.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

5 thoughts on “Nunziata gets another promotion”

  1. One the other hand, it is good to have a councillor who has the ear of the Mayor is it not. Perhaps her appointments were due to her support for Ford. Miller certainly appointed his cronies right – that was ok?

    1. Resident, I see that you are leaving many comments in quick succession disagreeing with many of the things I say.

      Respectfully, Resident, what exactly did I say wrong here? Every statement in this piece has been reported elsewhere on this site and in more serious media.

      And, for what it’s worth, I quite like Frances Nunziata. She’s been very good to me and the site.

      What’s your beef?

  2. What’s wrong with a different perspective in a commentary. what does there have to be a beef? Are we only to comment if we agree with what you say and report? Some comments are not related to the story, but the commentary of others.

    1. Resident, I built this site. You didn’t build it. So comment away, but keep in mind that I am a person, just like you. But unlike you, I have invested time, energy and money to make this site work. You are welome here, but you don’t have rights: you have an invitation.

      Your perspective is welcome, but unfounded allegations are not. But in the comment above, you are alleging that I have a bias. In other comments, you allege that I have errors and that I’m joking. It’s certainly possible that all of the above are true, but you didn’t prove so: you merely allege so.

      And that, if you ask me, is pretty poor form. I allowed you into this place I built. I expect that you’ll be civil here, just as I’m sure you would be if I allowed you into my house.

      So go ahead: comment away. And please, comment with substance and style.

  3. Resident, in your first comment you say “on the other hand”. On the other hand to what? Adam simply posted that Frances has been appointed speaker.

    No negative spin on it, just stated that our City Councillor was appointed.

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