I’m going into politics

There are few perks for those in public service. Our politicians have long hours, low pay, and must face the constant whinging of aggrieved citizens all looking for an angle.

Let us then, allow them what few joys they do get. Like free pole dances.

Frances Nunziata asked the Licensing and Standards Committee at City Hall to review burlesque regulatio…  oh, hell, all you want is the picture. Nunziata wanted politics and she got this:

Yes. That’s a pole dancer, showing what pole dancing is, at City Hall, because Frances Nunziata asked for a review of burlesque entertainer regulations. So yes, in a way, Frances Nunziata asked for a pole dancer at City Hall. Is that a stretch? Not compared to Viviana’s! That’s her name. She’s from Ecuador.

Cesar Palacio, my old councillor, said the “demonstration was important to understand the industry.” Sure, Cesar. Sure.

So far, it’s made news in Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver… hey! Eyes down here! It’s news everywhere.

Move along. You’ve seen enough.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

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  1. Yeah dancing at a committee meeting.. pretty stupid…if they wanted to understand the industry go visit the places or Vegas geesh..Report

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