Nunziata given a demotion

Frances Nunziata has been given a demotion at City Hall. John Tory has decided to sit on the Police Services Board and, according to the Star, “has not asked” Nunziata to keep her seat.

Nunziata has sat on the Police Services Board since 2010, shortly after Rob Ford’s election. She was appointed by Ford, as she was part of his inner circle of supporters. She had previously served on it in 2002–3.

Tory said  “I am not at all satisfied with the overall state of the relationship between the police services board, the police service itself and the community,” at a news conference. Tory has the right to take one seat on the board; another seat is chosen (with the influence of the mayor) by city council.

Frances Nunziata has asked to remain the Speaker at City Council, as Roy reported.



Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.