Nunziata levels up on texting ban

Frances Nunziata is sticking with her plan to ban texting and walking, despite rebuffs from the province. 

Although she is quite fiscally conservative, our councillor is asking city staff to do work sure to end in nothing: research regulating pedestrians. Staff salaries, surely, could be better spent. 

Nunziata also told the Star 

“We’re just trying to make the road safe for everyone and I don’t think that’s a joke,”… referring to some of her colleagues on council who jeered the motion or called it “silly” after it passed.

“I don’t understand because it is, in my opinion, serious. When we talk about a road safety plan, it applies to everyone, not just motorists and cyclists,” she said.

That cyclists and pedestrians are the killed and not the killers seems to be moot. 

In related news, your correspondent found 24 other people playing Pokemon Go at 10 last night in Little Park. We had a blast. Nobody was run over. 

They are there if you look!
I spoke to a handful of people and had a bushel of laughs. One guy told me he went from watching TV to walking 10k a day.

I concede, however, that I was nearly made a hood ornament shortly after while chasing a Spearow to the library. Righteous certainty, beer, and indignation are not nearly as prophylactic as I had thought. 

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

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  1. Nunziata just trying her best to get her name in the papers and try to do something before she retires.

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