Nunziata no longer wants train yard at Kodak lands

In a heated debate in City Council yesterday, Frances Nunziata gave an emotional speech in favour of an underground subway. She said that an LRT would result in the expropriation homes in our ward. She also said that she would no longer support the planned TTC repair yard at the Kodak lands.

In 2010, Nunziata took credit for bringing the TTC repair yard. She said, “I’m the one who sent the letter to the TTC asking them to step in and show an interest to [sic] the property,” she said. “It’s my initiative that got TTC interested.”

By yesterday, however, she had changed her mind. Comparing our ward to those downtown, she complained, “In York South Weston at Eglinton and Black Creek, we had development… when the subway got cancelled, we got nothing. What we have now is a grocery store, and we will have a maintenance facility for the TTC, which I’m not going to support.”

In an email to me, she says that she changed her mind because

Metrolinx … acquired the entire site with the intent of using the entire site for their yard. This removes the possibility of having complementary uses on the site that could bring employment opportunities to the area. I do not believe using the entire site of the former Kodak lands for a maintenance and storage facility is in the best interest of the community and as such do not support the current plan to use the entire site.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

One thought on “Nunziata no longer wants train yard at Kodak lands”

  1. It’s too bad that councillor Nunziata didn’t see these facts before she urged Metrolinx to buy the property. Other potential buyers might have seen the potential to raise the quality and value of this prime piece of land, in a prime location especially, given a new transit system going through.

    Whether the subway went through or not, isn’t the issue because that piece of land has value to all in the community in one way or another.
    A TTC storage and maintenance facility offers zero to the community.

    Where are the other councillor’s stances on this piece of land and Metrolinx’s proposed usage of it?

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