Nunziata on the Liquor Licensing Steering Committee

Will Frances Nunziata sit across from or beside her brother, a political lobbyist, when they sit at the table of new Liquor Licensing Steering Committee?

In the past, Frances Nunziata has been hard on bars and restaurants and has also—justifiably—come down on after-hours clubs. Now, though, she will be pushed by her brother to lighten up on them.

Until last year, the city also closely regulated applicants and frequently put extra conditions on them.  In August, however, the province told Toronto it would stop enforcing those conditions, and the city, in response, stopped processing applications. To resolve the impasse, committees were created.

Frances Nunziata was nominated to this sub-committee last week, along with four other councillors. Her nomination will be confirmed by City Hall.

John Nunziata, Weston’s storied former MP, and Frances’ brother, has had a long and controversial history, and he now works as a lobbyist for, among others, the Ontario Restaurant Hotel Motel Association. The association has already said that it wants to work with the city’s new committees  “to find ways to … not prohibit growth”.


Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.