Nunziata responds to muggings

Frances Nuniziata, the City Councillor for Weston, spoke with me about the recent rash of muggings in Weston. She said, in short, “31 Division is on top of it”.

Nunziata said that two things have caused the recent rash of muggings: patrons from the bars primarily on the eastern side of Jane St, and some problems coming from Chaminade School, on Queens Drive, on the other side of Jane. She said, as regular readers will know, that she has opposed liquor license applications in Weston, and will continue to do so. The police have visited Chaminade school, and they have been speaking with the school administration.

More police will be in Weston over the summer; as “part of the TAVIS program, we’ll have 38 extra officers patrolling the main streets an residential areas”, she said. “They were very successful at Eglinton and Jane last year. We’re very fortunate to get [TAVIS] here in Weston.” The crime cameras, however, will be installed only along Weston Rd, not at Jane and Lawrence.

Long term, and to divert young people away from crime, the city is building a community centre at Keelesedale Park at Eglinton and Black Creek; “that will be a $30 million facility “, she said. Weston also recently received an artificial turf soccer field and the skateboard facility at Lion’s Park, she pointed out.

Nunizata also said that she is continuing to work toward a new indoor market and cultural hub. Promisingly, she is also “having discussions” to bring a YMCA to Weston, perhaps at the long-vacant 33 King St building. She said she met with the president of the YMCA last week.

I sent emails to Laura Albanese, Mike Sullivan, and the Toronto Police. Laura Albanese has responded, but I haven’t had the time to speak with her. I haven’t heard back from the police or Mike Sullivan.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

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  1. What I find odd here is putting cameras only along Weston rd. when most of the crime seems to occur along Jane or Lawrence? its nice to hear that there will be additional police presence in the neighborhood, but I never seem to see any of them out of their vehicles. It seems that their presence would be more effective if they would walk or bike the streets and become more active in what is actually happening in this community and where the problems lie.

  2. The skateboard park opened back in 2004, so why the reference? I hope Frances has proof that its the bar patrons that are conducting the muggings…sounds more like finger pointing then anything else.

  3. I have seen a lot of police biking the area in the last few weeks. Their presence is steady and increasing.

    I am very encouraged to see them actively biking in good sized numbers.

  4. The TAVIS crew has been out in full force both through the Village and along Weston Road since launching their summer program on June 16th. I have been visited by at least 10 different officers in the store over the past 2 weeks who are quite interested to know the lay of the land, any information that might help them. If you see an officer, stop them and give them information if you have it. You can also contact them online in various ways — visit the Toronto Police website and look for the TAVIS links. Crime happens because the streets are empty and it allows the negative elements to be bold and take control. ‘Eyes on the street’ helps to combat this kind of crime. Criminals do not like bright places, people around, etc. The police rely on us as citizens as much as we rely on them to keep us safe. Let’s work together!

  5. If there are no muggings on Weston, why put in cameras? If the crime is at Lawrence and Jane why wouldn’t cameras go there first?

    I’ve noticed foot patrols (when was the last time you saw that in Weston? I think the beginning of last winter I was two officers out on foot patrol, they must have pissed off their SSgt) and I’ve see lots of cops on bikes. It’s about time we got some real police presence in the community.

    I don’t think it’s bar patrons doing the mugging. Look at the mugging on St Philips. The circumstances and the location scream gang related or payback. One of the muggings on Lawrence and Weston took place at 5:30pm and was 3 or 4 young men…somehow I doubt bar patrons. Some are between 3pm and 5pm…quite a few are late at night. So I think there are a couple of dynamics going on here.

    The councillor points to the new community center at Black Creek & Eglinton…what about one in Weston? These kids aren’t going down there. It’s not going to make a damn bit of difference here. This is a poor community and the gap is getting larger (look at the latest poverty stats), single mothers can’t send their kids by bus to a community center miles away at the cost of bus fare. I’ve been waiting for something to appear here for the past 25 years…a skate park, that’s it…we are not getting enough for our tax dollars!

  6. The new community centre needs to be HERE not at Eglinton & Black Creek, and our councillor should know that and be advocating for our youth to be given opportunities.

    The skateboard park is 6 years old, and crime has increased in spite of the opportunity it offers for entertainment. The artificial soccer field is a very limited use of a large space, and very specific.

    Youth programs, things to do in the neighbourhood, support — there are what we need, not cameras on Weston Rd, where you are a pedestrian at your peril not because of mugging but because of speeding cars.

    Look to Jane & Lawrence, and give us a community centre not the possibility of a YMCA: that costs money to use, after all.

    Having our councillor at the seat of power should make a positive difference, but I don’t see that now.

  7. Ha, Frances Nunziata, our own Boadicea, protecting us from the hoards of drunken bar patrons. If Weston wants to perk up its image, wouldn’t the opening of new clubs and restaurants entice patrons to the area and increase tax revenues? Maybe Ms Nunziata needs to examine how other areas, specifically Bloor West, were able to improve their image by allowing restaurants and pubs to open in the area.

    What is the difference between Weston Road inhabitants and those in Bloor West? Why can the latter manage quite well with a surfeit of alcohol serving establishments; while the former would degenerate into rampaging criminals under the same conditions???????

    Are Ms Nunziata and her supporters perhaps engaging in a bit of racial stereotyping? I’m just asking, because the only difference I can “see” in these two areas is that Weston is much more “colourful”.

    Finally it is truly sad, how paranoid some are about crime in Weston. Statistics point out that Weston is no more crime prone than the rest of the GTA; so why the fear???

  8. I see plenty of hot air being blown by our politicians yet very little action. How ridiculous is it to say that a skate board park built six years ago will help reduce crime? Our Councillor is using the excuse that the title of priority neighbourhood and a few bars along Jane St is the cause for the crime and lack of a coffee shop locating in Weston.

  9. Oh Frances… “Long term, and to divert young people away from crime, the city is building a community centre at Keelesedale Park at Eglinton and Black Creek; “that will be a $30 million facility “, she said.” …How is this facility going to attract youth that live north of Lawrence, or Church St. rather? …Community engagements should go past the Canada Day celebration, and the opening of the Farmers Market.. Why can’t some of that $30 Million come up here? That old Beer Store Lot on the corner of Weston and King has been empty for quite some has potential to develop something nice… We should be focusing money and attention on infrastructure and revitalization to engage the community again to be more communal – through out the year!… by recognizing the growning diversity of people within our neighbourhood…

    We should be trying to influence people want to stay, shop, and live in the community, instead of traveling outside of Weston. Ask anyone who has lived here for more than 30 years… Once upon a time everything one would need was in a 10-15 min walk…now it seems that we need to drive or ttc it outside Weston for necessities and community services…I can only hope that this design charrette has sparked a fire that wont go out until Weston is at its full potential.

  10. Someone should ask about the $1 million that was donated by a developer back in the 1980’s for the community of Weston-MD. As far as I understand, only $400k was ever used to renovate a City building in Mount Dennis called Hollis Hall. What happened to the $600K? It got sucked into the City of York vortex and then when we amalgamated, it was good excuse not to use it up in Weston. It mysteriously disappeared.

    A group of us approached the good Councillor back in the late 1990’s or early 2000’s with an idea for a Community Centre that would have been located on Weston Road in the middle of our BIA — in the old Loblaws and Kresge sites – before the Asian market was even an option. We were turned down. Can you imagine the vibrancy we could have had on our main street with a large space that would have housed an art gallery, a coffee house, a theatre space, maybe some meeting spaces for community groups? But the answer was no. No wonder people sometimes feel defeated in Weston. Hopefully her recent interest in the arts and protecting our Farmers’ Market will actually produce the results needed. It’s a long time coming.

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