Nunziata responds

Frances Nunziata has long been one of Rob Ford’s greatest supporters. She was the first councillor to endorse his campaign for mayor, and they regularly attend each other’s events. In return, Nunziata was given a plum position on City Council; she is the Speaker, and allowed to shape debate in council meetings.

Nunziata has responded to news that police have a video of Rob Ford smoking crack cocaine. It is short:

“Today’s news leaves me, and many others here at City hall, shocked and disappointed.”

In the past, Nunziata said that  the crack cocaine story was false: “They’re allegations. They’re stories the media makes up,” she said.


Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

8 thoughts on “Nunziata responds”

  1. I knew it was true from the beginning. Ford is liar and a fraud. I knew his skeletons will be coming out slowly and he look like deer caught in the headlights yesterday. Nunzianta and so call “Ford Nation” look like fools. Hopefully there is some little common sense left in Ford that he will resign.

  2. Francis, this speaks to your own ability to grasp reality. It’s only going to get worse for the Mayor. His addictions aside, the man has some real character issues and with taking responsibility for ALL his transgressions. Shame on him and YOU Francis. It’s time you both go.

  3. We need to hold Ms. Nunziata accountable for her continued support of Rob Ford. “Shocked and disappointed” does not nearly summarize this. She needs to unequivocally separate herself from his actions. Ms. Nunziata, if you are reading this, know that my 7 year old son asked me tonight what ‘crack’ was. What kind of message will your support send to children (and other vulnerable people)? Right now the citizens of Toronto have no way of unseating this Mayor. But you can step up and do the right thing by refusing to go along with this gong show any longer. Please, step aside in protest.

  4. The Gravies Train is now loaded with Lies and questionable characters.

    City Councilors should reign in mass. This would allow the Provincial Government to send a Supervisor to run the City and lock the Mayor’s door to Rob Ford and Doug Ford.

    A question for the fords of Decal Labels

    Would you hire or keep on staff one of your employee at Decal’s if they behaved like Rob Ford?

  5. If Frances does not stand up against Ford publicly then she is sending a message to her constituents that she supports his lying, and illegal, immoral behaviour. There is clearly more to come, and she will look even worse if she continues to silently watch this go down.

    I don’t care what she says he has done for our neighbourhood. Considering this ward is one of the most diverse in the city, his racism reflects how he truly feels about its citizens. Either she stands up against him or she can watch her career go down beside his.

  6. Municipal Affairs Minister Linda Jeffrey’s office confirmed that the City of Toronto Act allows the minister to “declare all the offices of the members of the council to be vacant” if city council is unable to hold a meeting for 60 days, which would trigger a byelection. The spokesperson said that would require the majority of councillors to miss two consecutive monthly council meetings, preventing the meetings from achieving quorum.

    Councillors show that you have Political COGLIONI and resign in protest.

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