Nunziata says Metrolinx follows bylaws as a “courtesy”

A couple of weeks ago, The Fixer investigated the mud spread around Weston by the ongoing Georgetown construction. Metrolinx, it turns out, may be violating bylaws by not cleaning up after themselves.

Except that they’re not—because they don’t have to abide by the laws in the first place. In a letter to Mike Sullivan (and sent to me by his office), Frances Nunziata says “Metrolinx is a provincial agency and is not subject to municipal by-laws. They comply with our bylaws and permit requirements as a courtesy, but we have no legal means to make them comply. Metrolinx and City staff were at the site last week, and they have reported back that everything is in accordance with the by-law.”

The letter continues with a passage from Metrolinx:

While we have attempted to keep the roadway as clean as possible, there have been several snow and rain days that made the cleaning of streets very difficult…. The condition reported by the Fixer is a temporary one…. and we do not foresee any further problems for this year…. Overall the community has been tolerant of the construction work.

There you have the final word: they inspected themselves and there was no problem; the non-problem was temporary, and you’re a good person for not bringing it up again.

Nunziata--Response--MetrolinxMud-1 Nunziata--Response--MetrolinxMud

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

5 thoughts on “Nunziata says Metrolinx follows bylaws as a “courtesy””

  1. If we needed any insight into the mess the city is in, here we have it.

    The community relations office “inspects” and it’s all fine — schoolchildren walking along John and Rosemount and Weston Rd twice a day breathing dust and dirt and walking through mud — no problem.

    And our City Councillor says, nothing to do with the city; don’t talk to me.

    “Tolerant” of the construction — I don’t think so.

  2. today, weston road between oak street and the 401 is a disaster. the traffic was stirring up soo much dust that i had to cover my nose with my sleeve to breathe but i still got dust in my eyes. i saw dump trucks drive up weston road with clumps of dirt flying off their wheels and i thought i was going to get hit in the face. this is ridiculous! where the hell are the wash bays for the trucks? on a project of the magnitude, that is what you are supposed to have.

    here’s an idea, don’t go after metrolinx, go after the individual companies doing the work! after all, if the trucks speed or disobey traffic rules, they get the tickets and fines, not metrolinx. get enforcement out there and ticket the trucks!

    at this rate, the citizens of weston will never have to worry about the diesel fumes to come because all this dust is going to destroy their respiratory systems first.

    and here’s an idea, why not devise a conveyor system so the dump trucks taking material away never have to enter a dirty area? it’s a hell of a lot cheaper than cleaning the streets on a regular basis.

  3. typical nunziata, points fingers at her best girlfriend laura albanese, yet if you call laura she tells you to call metrolinx and the cycle continues. noticed more and more shops starting to empty out along weston rd…….

  4. Wow sounds like a big middle finger to the community coming from Metrolinx..I vote for any party that will get rid of the monstrosity of Metrollinx. But I don’t think nothing will change under Cons or NDP.

  5. I am a Weston resident. I live a few streets down from the construction they are doing at John and Rosemount. I havn’t slept properly for a long time due to the noise they INSIST on making at 3 AM! Are you INSANE?! I am going to start picketing and calling the Metrolinx office to annoy the hell out of them and keep them on their toes in answering why the construction at this hour is “OK”? you and your stupid Panam games. no one is going to take your dumb train becuase its going to cost too much. What a complete insult to weston residents working at these insane morning hours. I am actually up right now becuase of this noise. I am going to make them pay for sound proof windows if they cannot keep it down, and I suggest you all do too. THIS IS INSANITY!

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