Nunziata seeks advice on cycling

Frances Nunziata is looking to form a Pedestrian and Cycling Safety Committee “whose mission will be to help plan and promote safe and enjoyable ways for pedestrians and cyclists to travel throughout the ward.”

Her office is looking for a few good people to help give input on safety and planning, and the first meetings will be in May. You can contact her, if you’re interested, through her website. I hope to see you there!

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

5 thoughts on “Nunziata seeks advice on cycling”

  1. One thing that the committee may wish to consider recommending is revoking the asinine ban on electric assist bicycles on Toronto parks bike paths. I don’t mean the scooter imitations but bicycles with pedal assist. These allow (cough) older people and others the ability to cycle well into their senior years, thus keeping them healthy. The bikes look like regular bikes with a small motor – usually in the hub of the rear wheel – and are limited in speed so they’re no more a danger to the public than a regular bike.

    1. What? Pedal assist bikes are banned on the paths? That makes no sense, there’s so many spots where you need to go up a massive hill and then down another massive hill just to cross over some road, just to stay on the ravine paths. I’m in my 30s and it still affects my route planning. I do lots of things on surface routes that I’d rather do on ravine paths, hence my plan to electrify my bike so I can get back out without doing an epic ascent each time.

  2. Imagine an extension of the West Toronto rail path to Weston or beyond? One would be able to safely commute to a number of main arteries downtown as the crow flies. Apparently there is not enough space along the corridor.

    1. Actually they did imagine what you’re talking about, partially. They’re gonna extend it up to Humber Boulevard, where it switches over to Black Creek Drive, crosses Eglinton, which will also have a bike lane after the Metrolinx retrofit, so you’ll be able to bike along the tracks, up Black Creek Drive, then west on Eglinton, or go further north and then northwest on Trethewey, which will have either tracks or lanes, I forget, then it’s easy to cross the tracks using Denison. And there’ll be other northbound connections that you can get onto from Black Creek Drive as well. The thing we can do right now is point out which connections will still be missing, save the city from putting in the wrong kind of connections (but they’re getting better at it so this will probably be easy) and most importantly give them some ideas for immediate improvements that would smooth out the process, because the network’s going to come together piecemeal.

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