Nunziata tries end run around City Council

Frances Nunziata signed a letter at Community Council asking the provincial government to “reconsider” Rob Ford’s subway plan, even though City Council has already rejected it and Dalton McGuinty has said that he will follow the will of City Council, not the mayor. Inside Toronto calls this letter a “dramatic end run” around City Council.

Last week, in a fractious debate, the city brought back plans to build light rail around Toronto instead of more-limited subways. The Etobicoke York Community Council letter says, oddly, that “recent decision… poses a number of concerns. In particular, the now obvious rapid transit deficit that will exist in Scarborough and plans for a Finch West LRT. Each of the public transit directions will have a significant impact for Etobicoke residents”.

Nunziata said,

Unfortunately, some of us who live in the suburbs do not have transit or the Bloor subway line. We are stranded in our communities. When councillors voted not to bury the LRT at Eglinton and Weston Road, they voted to expropriate businesses and homes in my ward. We want the LRT underground.

The Eglinton surface LRT plan will lead to the expropriation of between 10 and 18 homes near the intersection of Eglinton and Weston Road, according to Steve Munro, a transit pundit.

There are, in your humble correspondent’s opinion, a number of things wrong with Nunziata’s letter, quite apart from its propriety.

First, the Eglinton LRT will bring transit to our area. That is a good thing, even though it will probably mean the expropriation of homes.The abandoned Ford subway only went as far as Black Creek Drive. Nearer rail service hardly leaves us “stranded”, as Nunziata says.

Second, the Finch LRT was sacrificed to free up money for the Scarborough subway. Bringing it back is a good thing—a resurrection.

Finally, reducing transit in Scarborough will have no deleterious effect in Etobicoke York. In fact, inasmuch as it frees money up to improve our quite poor transit (by Nunziata’s admission), their loss is our gain.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

3 thoughts on “Nunziata tries end run around City Council”

  1. Great website Adam!
    The recent transit changes have no impact in our ward. The expropriation of the mentioned homes was happening from the original plans. Not sure what stunt Nunziata is trying to pull, or is she simply trying to win brownie points with Rob Ford?

  2. This is appalling behaviour in an elected representative, although on a par with Nunxiata’s rude comments and general disregard for the facts — or for truth.

    Ms Nunziata asserts that her constituents will be isolated when we are in fact unaffected by the transit changes, and in spite of wave after wave of public meetings, she stands quietly by while Metrolinx fails to build the sound barriers promised so the many people in the King St apartment building, as well as those on Pelmo Cr, will be inundated with noise.

    Whose interests?

  3. What a pathetic, disgusting display from “our” counselor. I understand that politicians will often do some unethical or unseemly things to further their careers, but most of them at least have the intelligence to hide it a bit.

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