Nunziata speaks on church for sale

Frances Nunziata has clarified the status of the 150-year-old Weston Road church that is up for sale. St John’s Anglican, which is listed in the Heritage Properties database, is not a designated heritage property. It is for sale for $1,650,000.


Nunziata says

A listed building is protected from demolition by a part of the Ontario Heritage Act that requires an owner to provide the City with a minimum of 60 days advance notice of an intention to demolish, at which point Heritage Preservation Services (HPS) would then initiate the process to have the property given heritage designation. HPS has been notified that the land is now up for sale and they will be monitoring the address.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

6 thoughts on “Nunziata speaks on church for sale”

  1. Late to the party, bringing nothing. Here is the reason why Weston Rd is an eyesore and a horror for those living stacked in high rises along it.
    Oh, and we’re going to have more! And storage places … our councillor in charge.

  2. Astonishing the biased nonsense on this Board sometimes. What about what Nunziata said describes anything but the process of how a building is designated as a “heritage building”. If Bob, more dissillusioned, or anyone else for that matter want to pressure the city and the HPS to designate this property a heritage property, then go for it. I look forward to it becoming more dilapidated over the years with various fly by night “churches” that will go through it upon such designation and contributing to the restoration of Weston Road glory everyone seeks. Designating this property as a heritage property will do nothing to contribute to improving the Weston Road corridor. And bob, the Liberals won. Deal with it.

    1. Interesting how the good old folks of Weston are happy to defend the Liberals and Nunziata. Same folks in power for over 25 yrs and nothing has changed. The same old folks of Weston that run the Heritage Group, Weston Residents Group, BIA etc etc…..same old folks that have watched Weston Rd and Weston continue its downward direction. Oh but don’t get me wrong, Weston is a nice place to live so long as your on the right side of the tracks.

    2. ‘Not Bob’, I might have a bit more sympathy for Ms. Nunziata’s recitation of the rules if she committed herself to the preservation of the building rather than simply declaring herself an innocent bystander. She is after all supposed to look after the best interests of her constituents – not those of developers (who are no doubt eyeing the site). She could lend her weight to preservation or, more likely, stand by while another 30- storey tower adds to the already underserved people of Weston.
      Speaking of your thinly veiled reference to ‘fly by night churches’, may I refer you to the preservation of the Toronto Bell Cote on Scarlett Road which was destined to be demolished for townhomes and is now a Toronto jewel that people visit from far and wide.
      Once St John’s Anglican is demolished, it will be gone forever, along with yet another chunk of Weston’s history.

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