Nunziata supports budget

Frances Nunziata voted in favour of the city budget approved last night. The 11-hour debate was, by all accounts, spirited. Nunziata, the council Speaker, had to bear quite a bit of poor behaviour and made an important decision with large ramifications.

After a bloody session, the budget passed 35 votes to 9. Nunziata sided with the majority. The budget will include a 2.23% tax hike—which sounds like a lot, but adds up to an additional $68 a house per year.

Councillors put forward three motions to kill or delay the Scarborough subway. All were ruled out of order by Nunziata, on the grounds that they would have “legal consequences”. According to the Globe and Mail, this “caused a small uproar”—but her ruling was upheld by a one-vote majority.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

2 thoughts on “Nunziata supports budget”

  1. No surprise that the intelligent action to scrap the Scarborough short-of-stops subway was ruled out of order by Nunziata — were there no “legal consequences” to tossing the already-funded transit plans — twice ?

  2. That subway is going to be a major election issue. We know that Nunziata supports spending an extra billion on something that we could have had for free, which is longer and serves more people. Hopefully the city will realize this and we can start building transit that makes sense according to evidence and not political calculations.

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