Nunziata to host meeting on crime, gun violence

Frances Nunziata will be hosting a community meeting on gun violence, community safety, and policing tomorrow night. The meeting will be at 30 Denarda Street at 7 pm.

The meeting place is significant. Leonard Fullerton was murdered outside near that apartment building on Denarda on October 30.

Leonard “Curlz” Fullerton was lauded for his commitment to youth in the community, and he had both worked and volunteered for the “For Youth Initiative”. He “often spoke out on issues that affected his community and was an advocate for positive police and youth relations”.

When he was killed on Denarda Street, however, Fullerton had marijuana, crack cocaine, and a large amount cash. Police say “may have been dealing drugs in that area”. He had been in an argument, and had likely walked away when he was shot. Police released a video of a silver Acura, in which the suspect likely fled.

The same day as Fullerton was murdered, two young men were shot on Falstaff Avenue. Both survived.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.