Nunziata to Sullivan: Weston Road and Oak Street congestion not your concern.

The 1920s era railway bridge looking south on Weston Road

If you have made the mistake recently of trying to go along St. Phillips to Weston Road stores at the Crossroads Plaza or the 401, patience is a virtue as you inch across the Humber a few cars at a time. The same goes for those heading through that same junction on Weston Road which is down to one lane at the old railway bridge. There aren’t too many alternatives although some drivers are finding a back-door route through Weston Village. According to the official City link, the work (and blocked lane) is scheduled to continue until the end of 2014.


from OAK ST to ST PHILLIPS RD. Utility relocation and road re-profilling (sic) work on Weston Rd from Oak St to St Phillips Rd and Humberview Cres. Northbound curb lane closure to be implemented continuously.
START: 2012-Mar-01 12:00:00 AM
END: 2014-Dec-31 12:00:00 AM

INFO UPDATED: 2012-Mar-14 2:33:44 PM DISTRICT: Etobicoke York
WARD: York South-Weston (11)
ID: RD2545823

Utility relocation; looking North on Weston Road

This was already a difficult bottleneck especially when tag-teamed with the lights at Oak Street but now it’s an exercise in frustration. Needless to say, people are not very happy about the delays and some raised the issue during MP Mike Sullivan’s recent town hall meeting. Sullivan agreed to follow up and ask Councillor Frances Nunziata what was being done to ease the congestion. According to Paul Ferreira at Mike Sullivan’s Office the Councillor isn’t playing ball, saying that she would rather deal with constituents directly. I checked the Councillor’s latest newsletter but sadly there was no mention of the issue. Paul helpfully included the councillor’s email address which is here: [email protected] – or you can contact her by phone at 416-392-4091.

6 thoughts on “Nunziata to Sullivan: Weston Road and Oak Street congestion not your concern.”

  1. on the north pedestrian crossing at weston & oak, there was a sign put that said pedestrians should use the other crossing. on the south pedestrian crossing at weston & oak, there’s a permanent sign that says pedestrians must use the north crossing. just how the hell is someone supposed to get to the other side of weston road at this location? this intersection has become dangerous for pedestrians. also, i saw a guy in a wheelchair trying to get across weston road @ the st. philips road crossing and there was a parked construction pickup truck blocking the curb cut at the other side of the crossing blocking his access to the sidewalk. this construction zone does not maintain proper pedestrian access and uses signs improperly. somebody is going to get hurt or killed.

    and look at the condition north end park is in. it looks like the stone wall has been damaged in some spots. also, there’s a stone walkway in the grass which heavy machinery has been rolling over and has probably damaged.

    a poor level of respect for the safety of pedestrians and our built heritage.

  2. Some politicians don’t know how to leave their partisan politics at the door even for something like traffic congestion. There needs to some traffic cops during the day. Maple Leaf bus gets delayed too!

  3. The situation at the overpass near Oak Street and Weston Road is only one of many traffic and pedestrian difficulties that the local populous is having to deal with. As a parishioner of St. John the Evangelist Church, one is having to constantly adjust to changing access to the church due to the construction. As to the look of Weston and Mount Deninis in general, with all the upheaval going on, we look like a community under seige by a foreign power. Given the stance of our politicians, and the government’s law-unto-themselves agencies (whether that be Ornge, E-Health, Metrolinx or any number of unaccountable branches of the same rotten tree), we may well be under the heel of a foreign power. The local media are not much better, I am sorry to say. Not once did the Guardian report on Metrolinx damaging tv cables, water mains and gas mains when recently contacted by the public. Sadly this may have something to do with their parent group who is a bit too cosy with the government, both with respect to Metrolinx, and the Pan Am Games. A double-standard in coverage and response is evident with regard to Weston’s and Mount Dennis’ situation, and that of the cross-town on Eglinton. A special bridge will be built for the people in that area to be able to get to the park, whereas we are (as usual) expected to (in essence) grin and bear it. Basically we are being told to shut up, and just get used to it. As I’ve said more than once, the delusion of democracy is the illusion of choice. These public meetings are staged to give us the illusion that we have a voice in our so-called democracy. For a premier who is so concerned about bullying, it seems ironic if not utterly hypocritical that he is one of the biggest bullies going. Democracy under the Dalton gang is whatever he says is good for the friends of McGuinty, and if its good for them, we’re all expected to sheepishly nod in agreement that it is good for us too. In the meantime our community is looking more and more like a huge lab experiment, with us as the mice and our streets as an ever-changing maze.

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