Nunziata supports Ford subways, draws criticism

Councillor Nunziata has long been a vocal supporter of Rob Ford, but she is now drawing quite a bit of flak for propping his transit plan up.

Karen Stintz, the Chair of the TTC, led a very public mutiny against Mayor Ford that brought back to life the plan that would build light rail tracks around Toronto. Rob Ford had famously said that Transit City was dead, and that all new rail transit would be underground. Stintz, who was appointed by Ford, gambled her political future against her paymaster and won: Transit City lives.

Nunziata gave press conference after the debate in which she said that Transit City meant “destroying my whole community, expropriating lots of homes and businesses on Eglinton and Weston Road, and we were totally against that. Councillor Stintz putting that forward again is very disturbing for my community.” According to Steve Munro, a transit guru, between 10 and 18 homes will be destroyed under the current plan to make way for the LRT station at Weston and Eglinton. Munro, however, thinks the current station plan is not very good.

Though it was clearly Stintz’s day, Nunziata angered many from her Speaker’s chair. She said, “Councillor Stintz should be ashamed of herself!”, and gave City Council what some critics have called a children’s time out. Her criticisms caught the attention of journalists like Marcus Gee (of The Globe and Mail) and John Lorinc (of everywhere). Lorinc, in your humble narrator’s estimation, got rather too caught up in the debate and when he said, that Nunziata “demonstrates a bottomless capacity to #missthepoint“, but his was one of the less inflammatory comments that followed.

Less well known bloggers and Twitterers set fire to the wires. “Nunziata” earned a coveted ‘trending topics’ spot on the Twitter homepage as her critics lambasted her for her perceived imperiousness. The comments ranged from the quite nasty to the, well, less nasty. Very few people came to her defence.


Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

3 thoughts on “Nunziata supports Ford subways, draws criticism”

  1. what homes are being impacted in York South Weston Ms. Nunziata? Her ward is not impacted by Karens much better than Fords plan.
    please vote her out next election.

  2. Well I was there with a neighour of mine for an hour that afternoon. First all the meeting was starting at 2 but we waited for 20 min as they the Councillors just strolled in talking plotting etc…Like we don’t have that much time! Start it! We know Frances has a loudmouth and we now know why. The meeting was like my former rowdy high school classes, clapping, loud talking, cheering, jeering, booing, mocking how some Councillors spoke. The opposition Councillors seemed to encouraged the public on. If you were in the public gallery at Queens Park or in Ottawa, you made any noises you will be throw out! I understand what Frances goes through there. I was never for Transit City but I was not convinced of Fords’ subway or LRT or whatever it is either. We should have Downtown Relief line on Queen up Dundas, even up to Weston. I find it ironic that Ford is so into subways since his friend Harris buried Eglinton, we could had a subway on Eglinton now!

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