Nunziata under fire from Toronto Star

Frances Nunziata was called out by the Toronto Star for being a scrooge. She voted against the “Hardship Fund” that helps the poor and elderly pay for medical necessities.

Nunziata is named as one of several councillors who sided with Mayor Ford in a close vote to axe the fund. The Star says,

All of them should take a long, hard look in the mirror.

The Hardship Fund isn’t some frill recently added to Toronto’s burgeoning budget. It’s been around since the 1990s and makes a huge difference in some people’s lives. Compassion and, indeed, basic human decency dictate that this program should be spared when city manager Joe Pennachetti tables his proposed 2012 budget later this month.

The hardship fund costs the city $900,000 a year, and is used to pay for medical devices not covered by OHIP.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

5 thoughts on “Nunziata under fire from Toronto Star”

  1. Yet we gave the police a 11% raise and a $5.9 million budget increase. I’ll gladly pay my 60 cents a year for this.

  2. How can Nunziata support this when she represents one of, if not the poorest community in Toronto?????

  3. I was so disappointed to see Nunziata reelected, it is well past time to let someone else have a chance to fight for this community and Toronto’s future. It is just beyond me how this woman could be the counselor for Weston for so long, and be so cold hearted to the plight of some of it’s residents.

    How can we pass by the many people in Weston who are really struggling, when they could helped by something that would cost a few others very little. I agree with Chris, I’ll pay the $0.60.

  4. Considering Ford’s popularity is tanking I wouldn’t think she’d want to be associated with him for much longer. Unless she’s not going to run again and thus doesn’t care.

  5. Not sure if her constant support for Ford will finally bring telfon Frances down. The problem is she has a strong name recognition plus she has alot of support here in Pelmo Park area still. The only person I see that has shot of winning against her is Paul Ferreia if he decides to run again.

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