Nunziata votes against youth hubs

Frances Nunziata voted against building 18 youth hubs, including one in Mount Dennis, at City Council this week.

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The hubs already run at 10 libraries across the city. Each costs about $130,000 a year. Included are a dedicated staff member, and “laptops, iPads, MacBooks, digital cameras, DJ equipment, Virtual Reality (VR) headsets, gaming equipment (PlayStation, Xbox and Wii), board games, and more!”

They offer homework and employment help, workshops, and a place to de-stress.

According to The Star:

“The youth spaces that exist now have proven to be wildly popular.

A briefing note released by library staff earlier this year showed the number of visits to its youth hubs nearly doubled from 2016. That bump, staff said, is because new hubs became available — meaning the more youth hubs the city built, the more youth showed up.

A 2016 survey of participants found more than 70 per cent felt the program increased their feeling of safety and that they felt comfortable asking staff for help, the briefing note says.”

City Staff developed the plan for 20 new spaces in 2018, a year of record shootings.

The annual Toronto Police budget, by way of comparison, is about $1 billion. The cost of repairing the Gardiner will be about $2.3 billion.

Torontonians pay the second-lowest taxes in the GTA. The average residential tax bill in Toronto was $3906 in 2018; across the GTA it was $4773.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

3 thoughts on “Nunziata votes against youth hubs”

  1. Wonder why?

    I was in the Weston branch the other day searching through some Consumer Report magazines in a pretty crowded room of youngsters – hanging out, socializing, maybe even doing “homework & research”, too.

    They weren’t annoying, intimidating or overly, loud.

    As an old fart, I stuck out like a sore thumb, I’m guessing.
    (Probably, looked like a cop, to them.)

    But, they seemed fairly well behaved and were utilizing the available facilities in that wing. As they also do in the wing with computers – where they play their games.

    And, downstairs, too – in the children’s section.
    Always seems well attended down there.

    The place is busy – but, it’s not standing room only.
    There is more space, everywhere with an attending Security Guard on site.

    So, we already have a hub which is good for them, consequently perhaps, good for us.

    And, maybe it’s the same in Mount Dennis.

    It’s warm, safe & hopefully, a decent place to advance some positive behaviour & skills.

    How much more tax cash need be spent on a hub like this, already in existence?

    Just wondering?

  2. This area, Weston and Mt Dennis, needs facilities, programs and safe gathering places for young people to make positive steps forward.

    Nunziata is doing the community no service by denying resources for this need. Short sighted decisions to save a buck when investment in youth is investment in the future. Shame!

  3. And so, the suggestion is start by using what’s currently available,
    and enhance the concept from there.

    King Street, just off Weston Road
    and Weston Road, just south of Eglinton

    Both libraries there for many years now.
    Well outfitted and quite comfortable, too.

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