Nunziata votes for 1-stop, $3B subway

City Council voted to build a one stop, $3.4 billion, one-stop subway in Scarborough. They voted against a cheaper seven-stop LRT that would serve “more residents for less money”. 

InsideToronto has an excellent run-down

Toronto Council voted to replace the fully-funded light rail line that was part of Transit City, with a three-stop subway. In January of this year, city staff presented a revised plan, for a one-stop express subway from Kennedy Station to Scarborough Town Centre, and a 17-stop extension of the Eglinton Crosstown LRT.

If City Council had voted for LRTs, for the same money, Torontonians could have had 25 stops on two lines, completed sooner, without interfering with traffic, according to a scathing article in the Star. 

The city will also be paying $15 billion to maintain the subway—maintenance costs that would have been covered by the province if they had voted for an LRT. 

It must have taken considerable energy to maintain the cognitive dissonance when council voted in favour of budget cuts and increased taxes. The power went out at City Hall. 

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

5 thoughts on “Nunziata votes for 1-stop, $3B subway”

  1. Good for Frances. Build subways not streetcars. Such short minded thinking in believing that street cars are the way of the future of this city and the GTA a hundred years from now. All major cities are based on highly integrated subway routes. So should we.

    1. BS Peter….just came back from San Fran and they have streetcars…trolleys..subways..buses..etc…its called mixed transit. Guess works.

      1. They don’t have winters as we know them – snowless. And so, they can run our old street cars and trolley buses up, down and around their 7 hills with much concern for weather, Mr.D.

  2. I aspire for our city to have a transit system like New York, Barcelona, and London, not San Franciso.

  3. More money wasting: one stop? Ridiculous, as it always has been since it was proposed.
    For whose benefit?

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