Nunziata votes for taxes, cuts

Yesterday was an important day in Toronto politics. Rob Ford had his wrist slapped for over-reaching, and right-wing city councillors were defeated in their efforts to cut spending at City Hall.

The biggest battle was over a $150 million pot of money found earlier this month. Right-wing councillors wanted to use it to pay off a streetcar bill. The remainder of the council wanted to keep about 10%  of the surplus to ease the pain of budget cuts.

Late in the game, Councillor Josh Colle proposed that about $15 million should be set aside so that there would not be cuts to:

  • Childcare rent subsidies and  programming
  • Free recreation programs for young people in priority neighbourhoods (Weston is a priority neighbourhood)
  • Ice rinks and pools
  • TTC service
  • Homeless shelters
  • Leaf collection services.

Left- and centre- leaning politicians rallied around this proposal, and it narrowly passed. Frances Nunziata voted against the amendment, however, and in favour of cuts.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

7 thoughts on “Nunziata votes for taxes, cuts”

  1. Wow leaf collection saved! Like that was really important service to be kept. I guess Weston (old City of York) will keep being a mess in the fall unlike here in Pelmo Park (North York).

  2. Why and who keeps voting this woman in? Am I mistaking myself in disbelieving that Weston is NOT a Rob Ford community? What has he done for us up here? Has anyone noticed that the Mt. Dennis Library is gone?

  3. It does seem odd to have homeless shelters and leaf collection on the same list of important services.

    If only it were odd that Frances Nunziata keeps voting against the services that are so needed in this neighbourhood!

  4. Weston Village may not be a Ford area judging by the number of NDP and Liberal signs during the last two elections, but the rest of Ward 11 voted for him 61%.

    I think that will change when people realize the gravy was a lie, and when he said “no service cuts, guaranteed” it really meant closing swimming pools and homeless shelters while giving the police an 11% raise. Pity Frances wants to be associated with that.

  5. The Mt Dennis Library is closed just for renovations, it will open in a couple years. I guess you can ask the Library board why it’s taking so long for renovations. I always believe amalgamation was a sham and Ford is doing now what Harris wanted to happen back then. As for Weston voting Ford in, I believe cause David Miller never give a hoot about this neighbourhood. He was always for the AirLink train and GO transit expansion. He even responded to my emails and said so on TV talk shows. I don’t like what Frances is doing I never voted for her, but here in Pelmo Park some my neighbours still support her.

  6. It seems to me that our councillor’s justification for the vote is strictly through her association with the Mayor’s’ Ford.

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