Nunziata votes for three-billion-dollar, one-stop subway

Frances Nunziata voted at City Council this week in favour of a wasteful subway.

The Scarborough subway, which will cost $3.5 billion, will have one stop, at the Scarborough Town Centre. It will lead to longer rides, have fewer stops, and be more expensive than better alternatives.

The Scarborough subway was endorsed by Rob Ford. I will say no more.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

3 thoughts on “Nunziata votes for three-billion-dollar, one-stop subway”

  1. Meanwhile there won’t be enough money to pave the roads in ward 11 (ward Nunziata) which are the worst in the city, let alone get the promised Jane LRT back on the agenda.

    1. Nunziata doesn’t care about that stuff, her priority is to have speed humps placed on every street in our community. This way when she comes door knocking once every 4 yrs she can say oh look I got the speed humps put on your street…oh will you vote for me?

  2. Such incredible stupidity and persistent ignoring of her constituents! And of common sense. Appalling waste of limited resources.
    Nice swan song, Councillor.

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