Nunziata votes to sell public housing

Frances Nunziata voted with Council to sell public housing to raise money for other TCHC repairs. 56 vacant homes will be sold.

The Toronto Community Housing Corporation is in a tough spot. It needs $750 million for repairs to its properties. Funding from other levels of government has been hard to come by.

According to CityTV

“We need to do something now,” she said.

Nunziata, who sits on the TCHC board, said that the organization doesn’t have the money, a situation exacerbated by the downloading of public housing properties by the provincial government.

“We need the provincial government to give us funding,” she said. “But there’s no money.”

“In the meantime, we cannot keep deferring or try other options when we have tenants living in our housing in conditions that are just unbearable.”

The city is looking to unload the rest of its portfolio of standalone homes and move residents into apartment buildings. This would lower costs and raise enough money to pay off a significant fraction of the repairs.

None of the homes to be sold is in Weston.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.