Nunziata will not endorse a mayoral candidate

Frances Nunziata “is not endorsing any of the mayoral candidates”, according to her office.

This is interesting—for politics nerds like me, at least. Nunziata has long been a (Rob) Ford supporter. Why is she renouncing her citizenship in Ford Nation?

Perhaps she no longer supports the Ford ideology or movement. That’s possible; she was critical of Ford when he revealed that he smoked crack. But Doug is a different man, without those troubles. If she is moving away from the Fords, it would have to be because she disagrees with their ideas. That would be pretty remarkable.

It’s possible that she doesn’t support Doug Ford personally—but this seems unlikely, given her close relationship with him.

Or, most intriguingly to me, perhaps she can’t get behind Tory or Chow and yet can’t see Ford winning—he is quite far behind in most polls. If this is true, she would, I imagine, be doing so to leave more options open under the new administration.

I’ve emailed for comment. If she’ll share, I’ll let you know.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.