Nunziata wins

Frances Nunziata has won the 2018 municipal election for Ward 5, with about 32% of the votes cast. She had a comfortable lead over her challengers:

  • Frank Di Giorgio received about 22%
  • Chiara Padovani received about 20%
  • Lekan Olawoye received about 15%.

While she loped to an easy win, in the past, Nunziata has received Turkmenestani-proportioned mandates, so this election represents a startling rebuke.

The challengers also clearly gained a lot of ground over the past month. Early polls showed them having only slivers of support. Padovani, in particular, went from 4% to 20% support. Olawoye’s share doubled in that time.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

4 thoughts on “Nunziata wins”

  1. The forum poll was pretty accurate when reviewing the final results. It was off by 7 percent when you look at Frances results but they were dead on as between Chiara and Frank’s results. Lekan got squeezed this election by Chiara and the support of her by the local NDP and the information data base from the Ferreira/Sullivan/Hassan years. This result continues to show the reality that the riding is very split along various allegiances. It remains to be seen if there is a candidate out there that can cut across all lines to pull out huge margins of victory like in other parts of the city.

  2. Well, someone’s hurting cause their horse didn’t win the race.
    (And really, “.. Turkmenistani-proportioned mandates..” – nice hyperbole.)

    1. Maybe I’m not as smart others who follow this website, but what does Turkmenstani proportioned mandates mean exactly.

  3. Can’t speak for the author, but maybe he’s working on his novel. Perhaps, inspired by what’s just happened in Turkey recently and maybe he feels Weston’s leadership is heading down that Central Asian “Silk Road”. (?)

    Simply though, Turkménistan is a former Soviet satellite state, with strong ethnic ties to modern day, Turkey.

    Plus (and according to Human Rights Watch), Turkménistan, apparently has the worst human rights violations record anywhere on this planet, where their elites (former Communist leaders) have squandered and wasted the nation’s wealth.


    It’s what those former Communists enjoy doing – you know, look after their people, cradle to grave.

    (Hey, maybe we SHOULD watch out, Weston.)

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