Nunziata’s expenses released

City councillors’ expenses were released last week. Generally one of the more tight-fisted councillors, in 2014 Nunziata came in 19th of 52, but spent $15,892 (in an election year), ever-so-slightly more than average. (The average is $15,778, and staff salaries are not included.)

Her expenses were up from 2013, in which she spent $3658. The great bulk was for flyers and postage. Last year she spent $12,287 on them; in 2013, she spent $2126.

Among the more interesting expenses—and there’s not much to talk about, I have to say—$11 at Dollarama for Christmas decorations, $15 for scroll frames, and $31 for the Christmas Parade giveaways.

Deep inside the files is, however, a dark secret: not all of Santa Claus’ staff are elves. He has a local (human!) representative in Weston who takes his bookings and files his expenses. Even reindeer, it seems, have to eat.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.