Nunziata’s expenses released

City Hall could teach the Feds a thing or two about transparency. If you’re really interested, you can scrutinize every councillor’s expenditures for the year. And I mean scrutinize: it’s all there. Everything from gift baskets (Bussin) to stamps from Shoppers (Peruzza) is on the site.

Frances Nunziata is the third-most frugal councillor, after Rob Ford (a multimillionaire)  and Doug Hollyday (who apparently lost not one but two umbrellas in April! The spendthrift!).

Nunziata spent $5050 last year. The most expensive items were advertisements in the very newspaper I view as my competitor, the York Guardian: $2339. (Frances, if you’re reading this, I can beat that price!) None of the ads were for her campaign. They concerned Canada Day, the Eglinton LRT, and the Weston community festival.

Nunziata did spend $463 on toner. This, while certainly high, is not surprising. According to the Toronto Sun, Nunziata isn’t tech savvy.

“I don’t know what a mouse is,” [Nunziata] said.

Although she’s had a laptop for 20 years, the veteran councillor said she can’t use a computer and has staff print all e-mails and letters.

“I’ve never turned (the laptop) on,” she said.

Oh well. So much for getting some of that sweet gravy-train ad money.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.