Nunziata’s War of 1812

As WestonWeb has mentioned in previous articles, Frances Nunziata is our vocal and dynamic councillor. She has been involved politically for decades and overall her contribution has been outstanding. Years of opposition made her an outspoken maverick ready to fight for her constituents.

One of the problems apparent in the Weston community is the illegal use of premises to hold large parties to which admission is charged. Parties go long into the night and attract some dangerous individuals. These unlicensed premises are a threat to safety and because their whereabouts are unknown, often in basements and side-alleys, they are hard to detect and shut down. When establishments are licensed, police officers and inspectors can enforce operating hours, room capacities and reasonable levels of noise.

Femi’s Place, an existing restaurant at 1812 Weston Road has applied for a licence to serve alcohol. For some reason, Ms. Nunziata recently steered through this emergency council decision to block the application. In her motion, Ms Nunziata claims that ‘Residents of Weston Village, within which this establishment is located, are already troubled by the number of licenced establishments in the area which frequently violate the conditions of their liquor licences but still remain in operation.’

As a result of complaints she sent inspectors to visit the restaurant, but they found that the restaurant was serving alcohol legally and without problems (the restaurant had applied for and obtained special permits). There was no evidence of wrongdoing other than hearsay.

There are few licensed establishments in the immediate area south of Lawrence. There is one nearby at 1828 Weston, Michelle’s Place, whose owner claims that they have never had problems.

In Ms. Nunziata’s zeal to clean up Weston, she may have forgotten that a nuanced approach is best rather than ‘Kitty bar the door’. Successful businesses and neighbourhoods have to start somewhere.¬†Legal businesses pay taxes, enrich the local community and are subject to inspection and control.

The statement by Ms Nunziata that there are Weston establishments frequently in violation of their licenses implies that we are being failed by the inspection and enforcement process. Perhaps this is where she should focus rather than victimizing fledgling businesses.


2 thoughts on “Nunziata’s War of 1812”

  1. if you don’t let the businesses exist, you don’t have to inspect them. an afrobeat & jazz joint is too hip for weston. we need more dollar stores and payday loans. what can possibly go wrong with prohibition?

    the solution is to penalize the establishments in violation, not to prohibit newcomers from getting established because of the violations of other businesses. lets say a few restaurants on weston road were inspected and found to be in violation of health codes, do we prohibit new establishments on weston road from serving food? that would be a ridiculous approach.

    give femi’s place the benefit of the doubt. if they mess up, pull their license. if they operate in accordance to regulations, let them be.

    if we banish establishments from serving booze in weston, we’re gonna get daytime illegal booze cans. it’s pretty hard to inspect those places when they’re hidden, not registered and bound by regulations. it usually takes a death to gain access to such establishments and inspect them, something that weston knows all too well.

  2. In regards to this article, I think it is a shame, that the councillor of the community would try to sabbotage something that would not only improve the status of the community but also, make anyone involved look better. I am a big part of this establishment and know personally that the likes of Femi’s place is personally to good for the Weston rd. community, however he and the people who work with him are still trying to do their best to bring
    (what they do best) culture and art and hope to the people, instead of Nunziata trying to interfere with the progress of the business, she should welcome it with open arms and heart, (she is trying to condemn it before it even fully starts), the music, arts and culture that is created in this place is definately an improvement to anything else that is in the area so why not as a councillor try her best to bring such joy as opposed to trying to ruin the positive busineses. I know for a fact that she was invited to the place to see for herself what kind of class and joy Femi is trying to bring, but she did not even show up, I think as a head of a community you at least have the obligation to go and see for yourself what it is that you are fighting against, (what does that say). The Vibe and the ambience of Femi’s place is something that the Weston rd community needs. If you know what class is about and you want to see something better for the community than the negative vibes that they have been receiving speak up against Nunziata and come and check out Femi’s Place for the people of Weston who want a change for Weston rd. Or lets all keep quiet and let the bad vibes and the people who want to keep us down on top. And as far as illegal booze cans with unknown locations, This place is trying to be a legal place where people of class in and around the neighboring areas can come and feel proud, with a well known location, and a classy crowd, but yet there are people out there that are trying to break it down. This is why there are illegal booze camps in the area because good decent people who want to go out for a drink have no place to go, wouldn’t it be better to have a place where you can regulate, and honest people feel comfortable going, than forcing others to do it illegally. Come on Nunziatta, what are you thinking? (at least come and check it out) all of the people that were sent, had nothing but positive things to say, but Nunziatta herself, i guess was just to busy, honest, striving, positive businesses aren’t even given a chance or the benefit of the doubt to try and abide by rules and regulations. It is a shame

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