Mount Dennis a major issue in campaigns

Weston–Mount Dennis is becoming a turning point in the mayoral campaign.

Olivia Chow has been  hammering John Tory’s SmartTrack plan for the bungled Mount Dennis section. She’s been saying his plan was drawn on the back of a napkin and has egregious errors—which, indeed, it seems to.

Yesterday, Chow poked fun at Tory’s plan for Mount Dennis in a mayoral debate on the arts.

Roy’s been over the plan already once before, here’s the gist of the problems:

  • The land along Eglinton that Tory needs has already been sold and has houses on it
  • Tory says he has a plan to pay for the train, but it’s not much of a plan at all.
  • The train ends near the airport but not at the airport
  • And there’s already a train going that way. It’s going to cost $25 each way, though.

Mike Mattos from the MDCA told the Sun:

“We finally got the LRT to a stage where the community is pretty happy as far as station placement goes. It has been a lot of work over 10 years and his plan comes along and throws a monkey wrench into the transit hub and the LRT station,” he said. “This is a poorly-thought out plan.”



Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

2 thoughts on “Mount Dennis a major issue in campaigns”

  1. Tory has a plan. Just like the ARL, some will feel the impact in a negative way. But what is the greater good for all must prevail. Enough with this constant battle over building transit…..

  2. Olivia has become irrelevant in this election. Tory’s transit plan may have been written on the back of a napkin, but Olivia’s campaign plan seems to have been plotted on a Kleenex.

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