Olympic Variety landlord wants apartment building

The owner of the Olympic Variety building at King and Elm,¹ would like to convert the site into a small apartment building. He has applied to the city to add a third storey, t0 expand the second storey,  and to add underground parking for nine cars.²

Plans for Olympic Variety
King St frontage

The application would create an eight-unit apartment building, with four two-bedroom apartments on each of the two floors.

Plans for Olympic Variety
Elm St frontage


¹ Full disclosure: I live across from it.

² With a car elevator, which is super cool.


Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

11 thoughts on “Olympic Variety landlord wants apartment building”

  1. Looks promising. Quality infill that seems respectful of the surrounding context in terms of height and massing. Nice to see two-bedroom units.

    Would love to see one of those ground-floor units retained as retail… neighbourhood coffee shop?

  2. Add a third storey and apartments with 4 on each of the 2 floors? The numbers are challenging or are these 2-storey apartments?

        1. There is an old fashioned version of this concept (sans underground parking) at Queens Drive and Pine….
          ….no biggie.

  3. how far along is this project in the approval process? It looks quite overbuilt for the lot size. Some of us on King St are not supporters of this.

    1. do the conservation district folks approve of this? how does this impact the heritage of the area???

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