Olympic Variety robbed. Again.

Olympic Variety on King St was robbed at gunpoint last night at around 10 pm, just before closing, according to a police officer canvassing the neighbourhood.

This is the second time this month that the variety store has been robbed.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

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  1. Almost as consistent as the cell phone muggings in our area, it’s disgusting that this crime continues! It seems like that store has been robbed about a dozen times, has it not?

    Considering my household took a walk shortly before the robber last night, I ask myself what would have happened if we were in the path of the exiting robber(s)?

    We feel that things are escalating at an uncomfortable pace around Weston and are questioning how much longer we’d like to stay. After all, in the half decade we’ve been here, we have seen, heard of, and experienced more more crime than anywhere else we have ever lived.

    It’s both frustrating and saddening that we worry about our dream area turning into a nightmare.

    1. I don’t want to in any way excuse these crimes, but I always try to include perspective. While you may feel that crime is up, in part it’s because of increased (and excellent) local reporting. (Ahem ahem.) it may be hard to believe, but crime has probably never been lower in your lifetime. 2011 was the safest year in 4 decades.

      And I wouldn’t move, except to Guelph! According to the Globe and Mail:

      ” Toronto was, in fact, among the safest cities in the country last year, falling behind only Guelph and Quebec City. “

  2. I understand that many of these crime would be unknown if not for WestonWeb. However, you have pointed out some lovely facts about our area and local Police division statistic. To quote:

    “The Police Force’s own statistics say that break-and-enters are up 14.5% over last year, robberies are up 19%, and auto thefts are up a whopping 48%. In the city, B&Es are down -7.5%, robberies are up only 2%, and auto thefts are down -8%.”

    “Burglaries, robberies, and automobile thefts are up in 12 Division (which encompasses more than just Weston) even though they are down in Toronto as a whole…”

    “Common assaults, robberies, and break and enters are up about 13%…”


    1. And those stats were all true. Here are the new ones.

      Murder: -50%
      Sexual assault: -14.6%
      Assault: +2.6%
      Robbery: +17.6% (Yikes, but mostly attributable to cell phone thefts, which are 85% of all robberies)
      Break and Enter: +15.5%
      Auto theft: +41-freaking-% !
      Theft over: +7.1%

      My point is this: for decades things have gotten better, but some things are worse than usual this year. Yet my friends from PEI, who used to live in Toronto, were saying how safe Charlottetown is in comparison. Not so. PEI is like Mosul compared to the T-dot. My sister from Hamilton was worried about my safety last week. Hamilton is Kabul.

      There are things to worry about, like what seems to be a proliferation of handguns. It’s very worrying that B&Es and car thefts are up here but down elsewhere. And we should oppose all crime all the time. But I hate to see good people (and readers!) go elsewhere–except to Guelph or Quebec City!

  3. It is disheartening to hear of the robberies at Olympia because those poor store owners are so vulnerable, and having a store in the neighbourhood is such a boon for everyone.

    I think they should be recognized with an award for bravery or something to show that we value their perseverance and presence.

  4. You’re right. I’m sick of hearing of the vulnerable being victimized. Stats be damned–there’s heartbreak here. I try to put things in ‘perspective’ with numbers, but ‘perspective’ ends up cheapening the heartbreak that Julie and May, the owners, went through this week.

    As you can probably tell, I feel really torn about this issue. I know that the numbers say we’re safe here, yet I remain very angry about what’s happening and the rash of crimes this year.

    But please don’t move! Change is better–and cheaper. That much I know.

  5. Thanks for this conversation. I think it might be time for another ‘community group hug’ at the corner like we did a couple of summers ago when there was the other violent crime against the previous owners. Unfortunately, there are few people out at 10pm at night and that is part of the problem. Where there are ‘eyes’ on the street, crime does go down. If more people were out walking then there might be less opportunity for crime. Or, maybe they need to start closing a little earlier. They would have to look at their sales from between 8:30 and 10pm to see if it is worth staying open, possibly becoming a target for another robbery. It might not solve the problem and it might piss off a few people who want their smokes or milk but their lives are more important than the few dollars they will make on the sales.

    It is very difficult situation to be in, as a small business owner — you just want to run your business in peace and not have to worry about being robbed or broken into. My suggestion to them is to get a panic button from the provider of their alarm system – most will have that option. It is a silent alarm that they can press if they feel threatened and is under the counter.

    And Adam, you are correct. Moving solves nothing. It just creates a better atmosphere for criminal activity. A house or a car can be broken into anywhere. Get alarms, don’t leave windows or doors vulnerable. We learned the hard way the first time and until a month ago, felt pretty protected. The criminals found our weak spot and it’s taken care of now. I was always very hesitant to have cameras too but they have helped us give police more evidence, so I am now convinced of their help. We live in a big city with big problems and hiding resolves nothing and causes more problems. We need to be out and about.

    Suri @ Squibb’s

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