Olympic Variety robbed

Olympic Variety was robbed last night at the end of their business day. At around 9:45 pm two men entered the store and brandished a handgun. They fled the scene in an unknown direction.

Police responded quickly and in force and extensively canvassed the neighborhood.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

5 thoughts on “Olympic Variety robbed”

  1. That’s terrible..I think this isn’t the first time that store has been robbed. Weston area has crime problem..that’s one the reasons I don’t walk around at night.

  2. I can’t believe the crime that happens in our neighbourhood, it’s down right shameful!

    This is the first neighbourhood that I’ve lived in where I actually wish it was a gated community. It’s unsettling to have to worry about about children, teenagers, and ourselves so close to our homes. In the past few years, the local variety store has been held up several times, there was a drive-by shooting on King St., the ice cream truck was held up, muggings out the ying-yang, car break-ins are essentially an annual event, and of course the standard in all neighbourhoods, the occasional home invasion. AND THAT’S JUST IN WESTON! (Nevermind the immediate surrounding crime zones).

    I really wish I could afford a North Toronto home.

  3. There’s crime in North Toronto too: location is no safeguard (my friend who lives at Avenue Rd and Eglinton reports her son was mugged in the neighbourhood).

    But what’s very frightening is the increase in gun use; this is serious issue, and needs serious police and political attention. Weston doesn’t have anything to replace the gangs and gang mentality that support violent crime and we need programs that target disaffected underemployed teens to keep them away from guns and crime.

    Having a new community center out of the immediate neighbourhood won’t do that.

  4. True. There’s crime all over, but the difference is there’s significantly more crime very close to our area, stemming from the Jane / Weston corridors. You can walk the streets of North Toronto freely at night with a micro chance of anything happening to you. Try doing that on Jane or Weston! How many guns are tucked in pants in North Toronto? Come on, let’s get realistic here. The other difference is when something happens over there, people are quick to react. Here’s is ‘oh well, more bad news, what can you do but complain.’

    Community center? Really? Sounds like a weak answer to the problem. When you were a teenager, was a community center somewhere that you would have hung out? That crime issue is primarily a result of poor parenting, schooling, and discipline. Plenty of baby factory Momma’s out there with Dad nowhere in sight… a key part of the problem. Add that rap video mentality of more drugs = more money = more women of which male teens look up to, and there goes the neighbourhood.

    I know of a single Momma with 4 kids, from 3 different fathers, and that’s no uncommon around our surrounding areas. She’s been to court a few times recently for one of her sons, stealing a car, breaking a kids nose at school, etc. Doesn’t it really all boil down to the ethics, morals, etc., that we teach our kids? Parenting requires a lot of work and time and that’s why it’s so important that parents, albeit together or not, spend time with their kids.


  5. What is really awful for the store owners is that they just bought the business. And regulars coming in have warned them, including me, of potential problems. I hope they don’t feel they made a huge mistake! The store looks great too. Maybe they need to consider closing a little earlier….

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