One year anniversary of low UPX fares

The province is celebrating the one-year anniversary of reasonable fares on the UPX.

Transportation Minister Stephen Del Duca was asked how much money the UPX is losing. He said—unbelievably—that he didn’t know.

I know.

9000 riders take the train daily, and growth is slowing. At an average fare of $9 (less for short trips, more for those without a Presto card), that raises $81,000 a day. The train, however, costs about $160,000 a day to run, leaving a shortfall of about $80,000 daily.

Annually, that’s about $29 million.

While I’m very grateful for the UPX, it’s worth remembering that Metrolinx was told by their private partner—which withdrew—and the Auditor General that this would happen. They insisted on building a boutique train in the face of all evidence.


Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

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  1. How does it cost so much to run? The original studies suggested a lot less. 20-25,000 per day. Including fuel and staff. How did we get to 8 times that much? Are we having to pay for all the Metrolinx staff?

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