Ontario NDP calls for lower insurance in Ontario–and Weston in particular

When I moved to Weston, I was stunned by the increase in my car insurance, but I figured I had done something to deserve it.

It turns out, I hadn’t. The Ontario NDP called for an overhaul of the auto insurance system, and they used Weston as an example of outrageous insurance fees. Drivers here spend twice as much as those in tony neighbourhoods, for no obvious reason.

Based on the lowest quotes available, a forty-year old driver with a spotless record, driving a subcompact-car living at Weston and Jane will pay approximately $2,500 premium, while someone at Lawrence Park with the same car and driving record will pay approximately $1,150. According the insurance companies they have the exact same risk of being in an accident.

The New Democrats say they are calling for an end to the guaranteed 12% profit for insurers was negotiated in 1996 and an “all-party committee to look at a complete overhaul of the auto insurance industry in Ontario.”

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

4 thoughts on “Ontario NDP calls for lower insurance in Ontario–and Weston in particular”

  1. this is another reason why we need real rapid transit expansion in weston & not an express business class rail service to the airport. and we definitely don’t need to expand sheppard east as a subway.

  2. Insurance rates are too high in Weston and this is descrimation for where we live, which is a beautiful community. I have a 25 year driving record with no claims and pay twice as much as other areas.

  3. If you are tired of the new Ontario NDP and Andrea Horwath being the new Bob Rae who has destroyed any interest in social justice please come on out and see a real alternative the Socialist Party of Ontario.


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